Social media login after user has registered

Hi all,

I’m having issues with login in with a social media account (Facebook and Google) and re directing to the required page. What happens instead is that the user is redirected back to the sign in page with this error"email already exists"

How do I redirect the user to a certain page after the system has realised that the email is already registered?

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Hi, did you fix this issue ? I have this issue too.

Not at all

Create a workflow like this:

HI @f11

I tried your suggestion
I tried adding the Signup/Login With Social Media

The error still persists
Anything I might be doing wrong?

Hmmm, some things to consider:

  • Is the group the actual element that is firing the workflow or is it coming from an element inside it? (like a button inside this group)
  • Try using a Unhandle Error Workflow to catch it instead of a specific element one to see if it works
  • Also, is this group/element firing the login workflow inside a popup? Because if it is the error catching may not work.

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