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I’m currently looking for developers that can make a responsive and easy to use website below are features my company would like to include. if you can help with this then feel free to reply to this post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. this as of right now is an unpaid project due to my company making low sales but will be a commissioned project once we get users. our discord server has 310 people in it right now that is a protentional 5-10 USD for every user that joins the website, that’s anywhere from $1,550-$3,100 Dollars USD

We Would Like To Include The Features Below:

  • Photo Sharing

  • Video Upload And Upload Monitoring Along With Youtube Features Such As Video Title, Video Description, Commenting, Tags for content in the video, Like, dislike

  • The Ability To Count Views On An Videos (How Many Times Video Was Clicked And How Long It Was Watched) As Well As An Analytics Panel To View This Info For Videos Up To 6 Months Old

  • Messenger Like Private Messaging Where Only People Who Are Marked As Friends With You May Message You

  • Twitter Like Feed Where You Can Also Post As Well As Reply To The Said Feed And Like The Post

  • Popup Notifications To Notify The User Of Recent Activity On A Post (Such As "Your Post Was Liked By UserName) And Make This Clickable So You Can Go Straight To Your Post

  • The Ability To Make Your Posts Private For Only People Set As Friends Can View And Comment On Your Post

  • Straight Forward User Interface To Make It Easier For Less Technology Inclined People To Navigate And Use The Website

  • The Ability To Have A Marketplace Based On The Facebook Marketplace To Purchase And Sell Items

  • The Ability To Show Videos In 4K Quality

  • A Staff Panel To Allow Our Staff Members To Delete, Ban Or Suspend Accounts

  • A Welcome Video Made By Us To Be Shown If The Member Is A New Member To The Website

  • Admin Accounts Which Allow For Editing Of Video Titles, Descriptions, Comments, ect.

This is going to be a major project and we are in need of multiple developers. if you are interested please reply to this post

Thanks, Have A Nice Day

Ethan Bragdon
Chief Marketing Officer
Falcon Solutions
Established 2019 With The Vision Of Providing Quality bubbleapps Products To Roleplay Communities And The General Public

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You are looking for free developers? In the hopes of you turning a profit?


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I will create the brand design, logo name etc and some ui screens on sketch not bubble (for free) if you like. Can you give some intent for the application and target userbase?

Curiouser and Curiouser.

Last post you were hoping to sell a social media ‘backend’.

This post is hoping to find a developer to build what seems like a complex platform (complete with 4K video?!?!) - and do it on commission? I’m so confused.

I’m creating a social media website, anyone want to buy it? Oh by the way, it’s being built by freelancers working for free for me! :rofl:

@Nocodify I may be interested - providing you can confirm that it does indeed display 4K video.

Well actually Taiheta works for free as a freelancer. I was surprised about that too.