Social sharing friendly URL?

I built the mother-of-all-examples for this… the Rosetta Stone of “how do I do this as of January 2019 in Bubble”. I’ve not recorded a video yet (which may in fact be necessary to understand this), but here’s the sample app (Live version, run mode):

Then examine what’s been done in edit/dev mode to make this work (anyone can view):

There’s a lot of good stuff here. This method (1) does not break any core Bubble functionality (profile pages can be accessed in the “traditional” bubble manner via a UID OR via username path argument), (2) preserves URL parameters so that things like “debug_mode=true” or Google Ads utm params still work, (3) combines the technique of retrieving an object from the database via URL path parameter (or via the standard method) with the Browser plug-in’s “rewrite URL” technique, (4) enables emoji (or other non-standard character) URLs, and (5) features some really quite clever fake user profiles.

Go and use it. Go and examine the code. Post any questions you have here. I’ll answer them in the forthcoming video.

It is THE way to do this as of this writing. It is also computationally efficient… if it fast enough that the Googlebot will actually index the pages? We don’t know yet. I’ll cover in the video.