Social Sign up issue

I’m using the google and Facebook plug ins to do social login. While building my app and testing, both plugins were working properly, retrieving the user data (picture, name and last_name).

When I configured the domain and set to live my app, the login still works but the user information is not populated in the live data base, I only get the user email.

Any one have an idea what might be causing this or what am I missing when I moved the app to live.


Apparently the problem began when I set up the domain, as the /version-test/ is also not writing the values, picture, name and last_name in the dev database.

Hi @hector2 have you copied the Data, from Dev to Live ?

Did you publish the live version?

I did publish to live version and did not copy the data from Dev to Live. The challenge is if a new user signs/up in the liver version, the user data is not collected. I’m not sure if the google app needs to be pushed to revision in Same challenge with Facebook login, that is not stored in the database once the user signs up.