Socially based collaborative web app - help needed

Hi, I am building a socially based collaborative web app.

It needs to have the following features, if possible:

  1. Sign in using either existing Facebook or email account
  2. Live chat function - where all users who are part of a project can chat and discuss in real time
  3. Voting mechanisms - each user votes on what other users have submitted
  4. Suggestions - each user can provide suggestions about what other users have posted
  5. Wall type stream - where each user posts their ideas to
  6. Time/counter mechanism - shows the time limit each user has to suggest an idea
  7. Time/counter mechanism - shows the time limit each user has to vote on other ideas
  8. Ability for user to post their particular project to their Facebook wall
  9. Invite function - for users to invite their email contacts or friends to the platform (also on facebook if possible)

Would like to discuss this with someone who could help.


Hi @mdlevitus

I can help. reach me out to or Skype me at cis.am4.


Hi Mark,
Sounds like something well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Sending you a PM

Hi Mark,

I can help you build your app based on your requirements fairly quickly and cost-effectively. Happy to discuss further over email at or skye @anilamesur.