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Salesforce consists of a bunch of different services. I guess you are referring to the CRM part of SFDC? If thats the case, do a forum search for ‘CRM’. A CRM is definitely possible, that is pretty straightforward.

However, even the CRM part of SFDC consists of complexer parts. If there are specific SFDC features you want to recreate, please provide more details.

Thanks for you reply.

I am looking for a crm that contains functions like

  • Multiple user accounts ( 1 manager with 20 employees for example) with their own dashboards
  • Input data for sales activities per day
    • output this data in charts in the dashboard
    • output the chart in pdf
  • Managers oversight of its employees
  • Email clients
  • Email employees
  • Compare page that illustrates what employees are best performing

These are the kind of functions I am looking for. It’s quite a lot.

Is all possible, I’ve built most of that myself. The only thing I think is stil lacking, is the ability to group data in charts but I think that functionality is close if I’m not mistaken.

I have Users with a Role field. I have a big spreadsheet with all the roles and profiles I manage in the app and base what they can see and do (Profiles and Roles equivalent of SFDC) on the user Role that I set for each user. The data privacy settings help you contain what Users can and cannot see.

Things like read/edit/delete I do based on conditions using the User’s Role.

Just get started, it will take time but it is definitely possible!