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Solutions to fit width on mobile?


Mobile view I want

Mobile view on load

Hi, I could use some help if anybody has any expertise to share.

My site is all laid out in groups 540px wide. Those groups are placed on pages that are 1920px wide by 1560px tall. When users view on mobile I just want them to get the 540px wide group, zoomed out to fit the width of the user’s display. One potential solution I thought of was Facebook’s mobile experience where users on mobile are served a different front end connected to the same back end.

Could I set up two interfaces: one for desktop, and one for mobile? And then check the user’s browser on a landing page or pop-up, and then push them to the appropriate interface?

This is the solution that seems best to me. Desktop and mobile browsing is an entirely different experience, and my design is a result of my solution: build a mobile app, and then build a desktop app that displays the mobile app along with a set of additional features and content that are non-essential.

Coming from squarespace (“boooo!”) I’m accustomed to the concept of a left-to-right desktop page converting to a series of columns that display vertically on mobile. This solution would also be workable. That way my first column is the essential mobile experience, and second/third column would be additional content and features.

I also checked the forums and found someone created a solution by using a floating group. I’m guessing I could take all my essential content and move it into a floating group as well, but this seems like the least desirable solution. I’d rather implement something that is intended to solve the issue I’m facing than use a hack that may create even more complications later.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read!