[Solved] Any way to create Workflow when input in a RG is selected / focused

@mishav You are the best - Thank you for the example! I just went through every part of your setup, tried to change it to match our data with autobinding, and the only thing that was different was the Repeating Group Layout styling. Your example had ‘Extended Vertical Scrolling’ and we used ‘Full List’. I didn’t think that would do it (and was going to go with this all being voodoo magic) but I just changed this example to Extended Vertical Scrolling and That. Did. It! Woo hoo! :sweat_smile: Thanks again @mishav!!

And always a pleasure @sridharan.s! I’ve learned a lot from you and it’s great practice for me to learn how to set these types of things up as well - Thank you, Scott! :blush: