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(Solved) Blockspring Twilio issue?

(@emmanuel I haven’t submitted a bug report for this, as there aren’t any credentials for me to give you to test. If you still want me to file a report, just let me know.)

Anyone else run into this? All of my Twilio SMS messages with Blockspring are being sent as MMS messages with an image of a puppy. This just randomly started a few days ago. Everything worked perfectly before.

With some investigation I was able to figure out that the puppy image seems to be a default value from Blockspring when you are setting it up to use in Bubble. But when I use it in a workflow, I’m leaving that field blank, and the debugger also shows that the value is empty.

Don’t get me wrong, this puppy is super duper cute. Maybe the cutest puppy ever. :grin: But considering I use SMS for logging in, and MMS messages take longer to send, I want this puppy to go away.

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I think i know what is going on, I’ll push a fix later today.

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Thanks @emmanuel, the pesky puppy is gone!

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He was very cute though.