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[SOLVED] Boxshadow on all sides of a group

Is it possible to apply a box shadow on all sides of a group? I’m trying to achieve a true material feel with floating cards

Sure, why not? Did you try and not succeed?

Yea, I’m not sure what I’m missing. I apply a box shadow, set the type to outset and it has 2 choices, horizontal and vertical. I give them values, positive or negative, but it only produces a shadowing effect on the bottom and right of the object.

Can you share a link to your editor? So that other users can have a look

redacted top secret design

So see what I did for Group B, it’s just about tweaking the parameters.

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yea I see, that’s been driving me crazy for ages. thank you!

shadow style: outset
horizontal offset: 0
vertical offset: 0

big blur radius