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[solved] Bubble not passing parameter to Blockspring?

I’m trying to use the Parse Names block from the Text Utilities in Blockspring, but I keep getting this error. See the first screenshot. Although it says that Blockspring can’t read the “name” field (see the first screenshot), it’s definitely there. I’ve tried passing it from a text input field and stored directly in the API setup (see the second screenshot). I get the same error either way.

Here’s a link to the Bubble app. The Blockspring API call is part of the workflow for the “get email” button on that page.

I worked through this with the support team at Blockspring. Their response is that “it seems like Bubble, for some reason, isn’t passing any data to Blockspring when making the request. That’s why the block isn’t seeing the “name” parameter at all.”

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Can you try overwriting the name and see if it works?


i changed the “name” field–now it is set up to use the value from a text input field. see the first screenshot below. is this what you meant by overwriting the name? just want to confirm i’m understanding what you’re saying.

in any case, i’m still getting the error (see second screenshot).

Can you share a link? It looks like a blockspring bug though, but we’ll see.

The data is definitely sent by Bubble, so it seems to be an issue on the blockspring’s side.

ok, i’ll reach out to them again.

one thing i noticed about the name parse block is that it’s a POST, rather than a GET http request. not sure if that matters in this case.

@emmanuel that’s strange, we’re simulating the same requests and works great. what’s best way to debug exactly what the app is sending? getting added as a collab to it?

Not really, but I can show the request object here (stringified)

"{“method”:“post”,“headers”:{“X-Source-UUID”:“bubble/findjournalist/test”,“Content-Type”:“application/json”},“url”:"",“body”:"{“name”:“[email protected]”,“name_items”:“first,last”}",“timeout”:55000}"


Any update on this?

Would it be possible to access the Parse Names Block through the Bubble API plugin, if the blockspring plugin won’t work?

Perfect! Was able to reproduce and now fixed. @thedistrict can you confirm all works?

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thanks–the Parse Names block is now working for me.

i appreciate you fixing this.