[SOLVED] Can you take 10 seconds to see if this is a bug in your browser?

I’ve submitted this as a bug, but they weren’t able to recreate it.

Can you let me know if it works for you? Thanks!

Editor: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=conditional-search-update&id=phil-testing&tab=tabs-1
Preview: https://phil-testing.bubbleapps.io/version-test/conditional-search-update

Hi @philnauta - I tried 6 tests, all worked (see details below)

1 & 2) Chrome (Version 68.0.3440.106) on Mac (normal and incognito) - both scenarios worked
3 & 4) Safari (Version 11.1.2) on Mac (normal and incognito) - both scenarios worked
5 & 6) Safari/iOS 11.3.1) on iPhone 6 (normal and incognito) - both scenarios worked

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It works for me on Chrome / Windows. Any chance it’s a browser caching issue or something like that?

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I had cleared the cache but was reluctant to clear my mouth-watering cookies.

In the end, the cookies were the issue, though. Weird. Hope that doesn’t come up regularly.

Thanks to you both.

In the future, you can use an extension like “EditThisCookie” to edit/delete cookies of the current website or you can go here (if you’re on Chrome) and enter the site’s name to delete only that site’s cookies:


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