[solved] Choices Source:Filtered for more than 1 Constraint?

Hey guys! Does anyone know the best way to display 2 out of multiple Choices Source?

I noticed that we have the default option to show all, or use All:filtered to contraint to 1 choice. But if I insert All:filtered and use more than 1 contraint (i.e 2 out of 5 choices), it dosn’t return any errors, but it shows a blank input for the user.
It’s like the input choices for the user would only show up if both constraints were correct, instead of just literally filtering both options as choices.

You probably need to use “advanced” in the constraint first. In Advanced, you will have the options to do an OR filter
OR, you can do a first constraint and use Merge with, for a second constraint.

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Solution found: There is an option called “minus item” that can be used more than once.
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