[Solved] Collapsible elements within a repeating group's cell - is there a way to do it?

The thumbnails, the broad image and the text all are within a group cell within the RG.
I wanted the group cell to collapse when another one is expanded.
Rather I explained it wrongly, the broad image is always visible.
I want these thumbnails and text to hide under broad image when another broad image is clicked.
In a way when the page is loaded all the broad images are visible and when one is clicked the thumbnails and text below them become visible.

My apologies to have made a confusing explanation.

I actually want the thumbnails to Hide when an option is clicked.

In fact it is already happening with the current setup but once visible the thumbnails remain visible unless ‘hide’ text is clicked.
I want to automate this such that the thumbnails hide when another option is clicked.

I would need to see the setup of what happens when an option is clicked to suggest the best way to do this.

Can you make the app public and share the editor?
You can direct message the link if you’d rather not post it publicly

Sure I’ll do that in an hour’s time.

The link of example doesn’t really work anymore, I have the same problem, I put a group inside a repeating group, and put a button in the group says “show more”, ideally when I click it, it will toggle more content, and push other cells down, but it didn’t, the content got cut, anything I did wrong?

Hi @simon.zhang, Sorry the demo got messed up! :frowning: Can you share a link to your app editor or some screenshots of your setup? Happy to take a look (Can PM if you’d prefer!)

Hi - had a somewhat similar issue and think I understand what you suggested here (in post 11 above) but can’t access ‘Current Cell’s Index.’

I have a repeating group w/each cell containing various elements and I’m trying to show/hide a button depending on whether an action’s been performed (by the current user) on that cell.

I’m trying to set the state to the cell index as you have here but that’s not an option. Not sure if issue is the element I’m trying to set the state on.

Would appreciate any help (and let me know if you prefer I post this under a new topic/thread); thanks!

read your approach a few more times and think I got it(!). Still don’t have my on/off logic for my buttons working 100% but I have it showing/hiding differently in the given cell.

I now have the issue that when I then go to another cell, the orig flips back…but think I need to work out the logic more. Perhaps adding another state that counts if it ever changes, to leave it…

But thanks for your prior post as that definitely helped!

Depending on the exact functionality you are looking for, there could be more optimal ways to set it up rather than using the Cell Number.
Here are a couple of other great examples of showing/hiding elements in a Repeating Group that also have Conditions on the Buttons which you may be able to use to toggle the on/off



Thanks Geoff; checked out those examples but doesn’t seem relevant to what I’m doing.

Still have prob I mentioned above where I get the right buttons for a specific cell but once I go to another cell and select button, the orig button doesn’t stay as is - it basically doesn’t keep the state of a given cell.

I have two buttons “Rate This” and “Thanks for Rating”. First one shows by using a state of has a rating been made and the given cell. Once rating made, I have conditional make it not be visible, and the other “Thanks” one shows given the state and the proper cell.

Prob is that when I move to another cell, my conditional changes the current cell’s button properly, but the prior one now is no longer current cell, so the “Rate This” button reappears (ie it doesn’t ‘remember’ that it’s been changed).

Can’t figure out to keep a cell’s button as the ‘second’ one once it changes. My state is “rating made” which is a page-wide state (made via a popup that does the rating), not cell-specific. Can I make a cell-specific state and ‘save’ the fact that a particular cell has been rated? Or do I have somehow keep a running list of every cell that’s already been rated, and add a check on that to the conditional for the buttons?

Not sure if this helps but here’s the conditional formatting on the first button

PopUp Review Rating allows one to make a rating.
Comment-Rating is a state set to no on page load; set to yes when rating made w/i a given cell (that’s the prob as it’s not at the cell level as mentioned)
Selected-Cell is a state holding the index of current cell (though again, that changes when user moves to another cell to do another rating)

Ideally, if there were to use the Show/Hide a cell’s element w/i a repeating group…but I understand that doesn’t seem to be possible using Element Actions show/hide.

Do you want these to only be session based? Meaning if you refresh the page it will not remember which items you have Rated?

If yes you might be able to use a List of States, and save the Rated item to it once it gets rated.
Then the conditional would be, When this cell’s Rated Item is in State’s Rated Item List, changed text to Rated, etc.

If no, you want to save the Rated List as Data stored on the User

Right - realize it would only be session-based so was going along those lines (wasn’t going to worry for now if someone refreshed page just to re-rate).

Understand what you say about List of States, that’s what I was thinking…some way to keep a list of what’s been rated. But how do I do a List of States?

Also - had a second thought…is it possible to create a Popup w/i a cell in a Repeating Group? If so, that way I think I’d be able to access the buttons via the Popup’s rating action to show/hide appropriate text elements. Right now my Popup’s not w/i the cell; can a Popup be in a Repeating Group’s cell or is a Popup always ‘outside’ of the Repeating Group?

There are checkboxes to make a State a List of Things:


For the Popup, you can set it to have a Data Type that is the same data type of your repeating group. Then on a button click from within a Repeating Group, use the workflows → Display Data in Popup (This cell’s data) → Show popup

Then you can perform actions in the Popup that relate to the specific Cell that was last clicked