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[SOLVED] Convert date format

can i convert date format to persian date format?
and i can change UI to right to left?

You can use a custom format if you click the “more…” button and format as. I’m pretty sure you can’t choose “persian format” though.

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thanks for your answer
but where is custom format?

I should have asked, what are you trying to do more specifically? Describe what you want to do and give some more specific info and I’ll lead you in the right direction.

I assumed you were working with the date picker element. :confused:

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i want a date input that save persian date like: 1/1/1395 but in date input i cant save 1395 hijri shamsi years.
thanks for your help
sorry i am newbie in bubble

Don’t worry. We’re all noobs if that makes you feel better. :slight_smile: Start by watching the bubble lessons available on the home page.

You need to define the field .e.g. “date” in the “data tab” > “data types”, to be able to save your input in the data base.

Use the date picker element as input, and create a workflow:
WHEN [Input datepicker’s value is changed]
ADD action > data > make changes to thing…
Thing to change = your data type
Date = Input datepicker’s value

then you have the option to add to your expression after that using the “More…”. Press it and choose the operator “:formatted as” > format type. That could be [custom] and you can define what you like.

Unfortunately, I’m quite positive the calendar format “hijri shamsi” isn’t supported. Perhaps you can create a workaround. At least you can now make customisations to your formatting.


thanks a lot i fix this with your solution :thumbsup: :clap:

Cool! Glad to help.

If it fully solved your request for help, pls edit your topic to include [SOLVED] in front of it so others can see that you found a solution. :slight_smile:

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tnx again @jonaspalmqvist

WOW, amazing!!!

sorry i couldn’t understand. could you please help me to create a persian date picker. thanks
یا فارسی توضیح بدین ممنون