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[SOLVED] Delete a thing and go back in the page associated (with custom state)

Hi everyone!

I have an issue with my data (and maybe the way I construct my app). My app allows to users to create horses and events for the horses (one to many and one to one relationships: one horse has several events but an event has only one horse). These events are showed in a calendar (each horse has its own calendar).

Today I want to allow to the user to delete an event and go back to the calendar of the horse. But when I delete the event thing, I lost the horse associated LOL. Do you know how to go back to the calendar of the horse after deleted the event?

Thanx for your help :pray:

You should be able to save the horse as a custom state on the page, then have the workflow delete that the event and then navigate to the page for the horse based on the custom state.

Ohhhh thank you for your response. How do you find the “custom state”?

Ok I get it :pray:

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It woooooorks, Omyyyy, thank you so much!!!



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