[Solved] Delete all things that match with multiple conditions


“I want just to delete all things Notification that match with two conditions”, super easy but the “To delete” field wants something more from me and there is no :all option.

Please HELP ;(


That looks fine. Have you tried just clicking out of it? Do you get a red triangle at the top of the editor that says “1 issue”?

That looks more like the dialog box from “Delete a Thing” than it does “Delete a list of things”.

Try using “Delete a List of Things” instead if you want to delete a list of things.

You’re right.

I got confused because when try to delete a list by using “Delete a thing” action and a “Do search”, the title automatically changes into “Delete a list of…”.

I leave it here as suggestion to improve the UX.


It is subtle, but …

Delete a thing…


Delete a list of things …


… it doesn’t say that but it is easy to miss the “a” :slight_smile:

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