[Solved]Developer needed for expense account tracking and management app

What I’m trying to accomplish: https://bubbl.us/NDQ4NTc1NS84NjY4MTIxL2E2NTNmMDFjNjg0NDFmOWQ3NzJiNzkzMzAxMmY2OGNl-X?utm_source=shared-link&utm_medium=link&s=8668121

admin login: kewlclick@gmail.com pass: 12345
participant login: 7petitionprep@gmail.com pass: onetwo

Looking for help with 1) allowance posting to account monthly, 2) the database permissions and workflows related to separate employer accounts and 3) a claim approval process that deducts the claim amount from participant’s balance when the claim is marked as paid.

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Hi George,

This is something that I would be able to help you out on,
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,

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Hi @george1,

Came across your inquiry. Would be happy to assist you :slight_smile:
Send you a PM, please check.


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