Solved - Display SVGs from points stored in BBL APP Table

Hi Peoples,

Since I could not locate some information how to do that…
i ll post here now : (Thanks to Fayewatson very helpfull tips)

So, the basic requirement are:

  1. getting the code used to draw a shape. i.e. a circle. (or whatever)

  2. Create a Table with a field to store this code. (a single text filed will do

  3. Create an HTML container to display your SVG in the App

  4. I m using a Dropbox to select one of the 3 SVGs datas stored in the Table
    The Dropbox is a also a static one with values, 1,2,3…nothing more

  5. In the Appearance field Using dynamic selction: I coded whats on the picture.
    Note : No Workflow was even necessary to create.

The result is what follows, selecting combo:

ref 1 displays a circle,

ref 3 an elipse…

A Real basic sample - item# XXX seems to refers to a line number from the 1rst line, so maybe not the best way to keep consistent searche (i.i of you delete a line later on…)



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