SOLVED - Displaying a "Total per line" within a Dynamic Dropbox?


Does anyone knows - if its even possible to display each line of a DYNAMIC Dropbox in the following way:

(Dropbox placeholder) Select your Target country :
“Africa (85)”
“Europe (13)”
“Oceania (0)”

… above list would appear within the DYNAMIC Dropbox itself.
The “number value” being the total available places in each Region ?
(the number could be set manualy previously until I find a way to auto-update them)

any tips, very welcomed !

Hi @ericterii - does the pic below help. You’d do search for “Countries” (or whatever it may be) instead of “Users”. Then for “Option caption”, choose “Current options’s Country (Current option’s Total Places)” . Note the parentheses. This should work for you.


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Thanks a lot, …so surprised as for what BBL can be customized into: :sunglasses:
So yeah, this worked (almost) like a charm…only thing is - how do you edit in a practical way the Field so as to add “(” and “)”
Having some trouble in adding extra caracters…:grin:

Is there a way to open some larger Windows formula Editors offering extra room in BBL ?


Edited : Or I assume you’d input the value of : " (2)" in the regTOTP text field ?

It’s hard to describe how you have to do this. It’s very tweaky. It’s a little dance of create expression - click out or tab - click back in - type (to enter literal text) - tab or click out - click back in - click more to build new expression.

The interface is fiddly in the extreme, but there’s kinda not a better one.

Play around with it in the value field of a text element to get the hang of it.

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Thanks keith, yeah, I can get what you mean as for describing…
well…if other succed into, why me NOT ? :laughing:

Still, I added this as an idea,
Larger convenient Editor optional window

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Thanks the IN and OUT move was the key player !
now looking realy good !

Another way to do this:

Right click and clear all on the field.

Type some text like this:

asdf asdf asdf asdf

Now you have 4 little text handles you can grab via double click.

Double click to select and transform them how you need.

Saw your suggestion and YES there needs to be a better complex/mixed expression editor view. This one thing sometimes takes away ALL the rapid prototyping advantages of Bubble.

Just wait until you build an expression using several layers of operators with pop ups. GOOD TIMES!!!

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