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[Solved] Disqus plugin issue

I don’t know how to setup Disqus. Keep on having this “We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide.”

@edd I read your post with the link and you said you succeed in using it. Maybe do you see something I’ve done differently than you ?..

Disques identifier is the unique id of the page
Disqus title with the text I use for the page title

I just used the Disqus identifier, not the other fields. Also, perhaps obviously, make sure your Disqus shortname is the one you actually used to register with Disqus. Finally, and this may well be the issue, go ahead and preview your Bubble page even if the Disqus element that you created looks completely blank in the Bubble editor – Disqus could be working, just not rendering in editor, which does seem to often be the case. (I feel like it showed something at some point, but now for me it seems blank in the editor on the page where I use it. But it works perfectly in preview and in production.)

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Using only the Disqus identifier, it works :slight_smile:
Then I tried changing one-by-one the other fields… I came up with the same settings than before and it still works.
Nevermind. Thanks @edd for helping

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