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[solved.] 'Do a search for':first item question

I have realised that when using ‘do a search for’: first item, if the constraint I have put onto the search does not create a match, instead of giving an error, it picks the last item / thing in the table, and returns that to the workflow.

Naturally this is causing an incorrect result in such cases - how do I define what needs to happen if the specific constraint on the search is not met?


It’s a little odd that it’s returning anything that doesn’t meet the criteria. Could you share a link?

So what is happening here, is that if the search for a match on Email Address yields no result, the data which is being sent to page ‘Home’ is the last record in the OrgPerson table.

Interesting. Ok, 2 thoughts:

  1. Can you not just say Data to Send: This AutocompleteDropdown’s value? I’m assuming those values in the dropdown are OrgPerson entries and not just a flat input where you can enter any email address. Correct me if I’m wrong though; I assume this because the value offer’s a field value (EmailAddress).

  2. You could also create a condition to only run the workflow when there is a match:
    "When input value is changed and Search for OrgPersons’s email address contains this autocompletedropdown’s value’s emailaddress" > Go to Page. Keep the Go to Page data the same and see if that helps.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks Gaby, your assumption in 1) is correct - and I think 2) will solve the issue for me :slight_smile: