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SOLVED Do You Need To Activate Stripe Or Something?

Can’t seem to get my app to connect to stripe.

I configure a button to Collect cc information but nothing happens. Says the API key is invalid.

I have gone through and added the application details in Stripe but It’s asking for redirect URL’s. What am i supposed to put here?

Do I need to activate my stripe application before developing?

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Could you post your solution for others to see? I was excited to see it marked “solved,” but bummed when I didn’t see how it was solved!


The answer was no I didn’t need to activate. It seemed that there was a space at the end of the API key which caused an error connecting to Stripe.

Make sure you have no spaces in your settings for Stripe!

Ah! I had that same problem when I was copying the Bubble namespace stuff to Dreamhost (for custom URL). Good to know, thanks for sharing!