[SOLVED] Does not intersect with...?

Would there be a way to do a “Does not intersect”? I want to do the expression below, but “intersect” would be “does not intersect”?


Would the function ‘merged with’ achieve what you need ? or do you want to remove the intersecting elements from the list ?

Another way can be “intersect” items count is 0. That’s another way of saying that there is not intersection between 2 groups

Best I can do looks a bit like this …


@sylvainprivat & @Diego - thanks for the suggestions. I should have clarified, I want to remove the intersecting elements from the list, so the list displayed are the ingredients NOT in the shopping cart.

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Thanks Nigel! This worked for me!

Hello @NigelG
What If I want my Repeating Group to not show a list of things that I am currently making the user choose via a Multi Dropdown. How would I approach this since the procedure after “doesn’t contain Multidropdown’s value” needs some additional parameters?

I think you would need :minus list ?

No. It doesn’t work. The Multidropdown is fetching the “List of Ingredients” from “Ingredients” table. Meanwhile, the RG is displaying “List of Menu Items” that are related to “Ingredients” table via “relatedIngrdients” column. Each “Menu Item” has multiple “Ingredients”. I am trying to remove those “Menu Items” whole “relatedIngredients” are being selected from the Multidropdown at present.