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[SOLVED] Drag/drop group content vs background

The drag/drop group has a “type of content” and “data source” that seems like an obvious place to, you know, tell the group what content to display. I want to drag around pictures, so I told it to contain an image and set the data source as an image.

In the preview the drag/drop group didn’t display the image at all; just an empty box.

When I set the background of the drag/drop group to the exact same image source, it displayed the image.

Is that a bug, or am I not using the drag/drop group correctly?

The droppable group is essentially like a normal group with the added ability to be translated around by the user. Like any group, setting it’s content as an image won’t display the image. Likewise, if you set the group content as text, it won’t display the text since it isn’t a text element. Think of it as a holder or container for data.

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