[SOLVED] Editor behavior I don't understand

Can anyone else confirm that the following issue is legit?

The problem is that I can’t choose “:first” (and thus can’t choose “:truncate”) after using “:extract with regex”.

Early yesterday, I was able to create the following constraint:

But late yesterday and this morning, I am unable to do exactly the same thing:

EDIT: Oh, and I did learn that “extract with regex” returns a list, so I need to choose “:first” before “:truncate”, but neither is available. :confused:

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Ok here’s a link to the WF page…

If someone has the time to check out the WF action and see if they can produce what’s in the first image above, that would be a great help!


I’ve exchanged a couple emails with support, and it occurred to me that I might not have done a very good job explaining the issue.

Simply put, I’m not looking for a particular regex or Bubble expression - i.e. I’m not looking for the “right formula”; I’m saying that I already have the right formula but can’t enter it into the editor - something I was able to do early yesterday, as evidenced by the first screenshot.

I’ve also updated the title of this thread to more accurately reflect the nature of the issue.

If anyone else has experienced this or can explain it better, please chime in. Thanks!


It’s all in where you click to reveal that “more” option. It certainly feels hidden because clicking on “Regex” just pulls up the pattern input, so you need to click on the previous portion of the expression. See GIF:

Regex More

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Holy guaca-freakin-mole! You da [wo]man! Thank you so much! :grinning: :+1:

Funny thing is, I thought there might be some voodoo to it. I guess I just happened upon it first time around. Thank you for getting me through the impasse! You rock!

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So it seems that any of the list items preceded by a colon are “operations” that effectively modify the data item to which they are attached; and thus the data item itself must be clicked in order to append additional operations (modifiers). That actually makes sense - not really voodoo at all. I just wasn’t thinking about it the right way. @emmanuel is brilliant. :slightly_smiling_face:


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