[SOLVED] Export Page to PDF not capturing iframe?

I have an iframe which displays invoice data.

On preview the page looks like this:

I have used https://bubble.digital-bird.com/plugins/export-page-to-pdf to convert the page to a PDF but the strange thing is, in preview I can generate a PDF which shows the invoice, however on live mode the PDF is blank? If I place some dummy text above the invoice (within the iframe) is does show on the PDF so my guess is that Export Page to PDF doesn’t like iframes?

I have solved this issue now and because it took a lot of figuring out I thought I would post the solution for others.

Firstly, there were no PDF converters which could handle iframe’s (that I could find). So, I made my invoice page an HTML page 800px wide and started trying out different plugins.

Advance Export to PDF
$7 / month or $20 once

  1. Put PDFConverter element on page
  2. Add ID to the page area you want to capture (without #), such as ‘Area_ABC’
  3. Button workflow ‘Element to capture’ should be #Area_ABC

SelectPDF is found in the FREE search but it is a lie, it is actually $499

PDF Conjurer could save HTML page to DB (actioned on page load) and then I could retrieve that PDF but it wont simply copy the Bubble page
so a bit complicated for my needs.

HTML2PDFRocket didn’t work and has no support page.

PDF Generator is not free (as advertised) and requires secret key.

Finally, I found PDF / Screenshot Image which did the job for me.

PDF / Screenshot Image

  1. Add ID to the page (without #), such as ‘Area_ABC’
  2. Button workflow should be Area_ABC(without #)

Note: some PDF converters require you to add a class to the ID and that would be formatted like this: