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[SOLVED] Filter forum topics that I created

Frequently I want to refer back to posts that I created and remind myself of the answer to my questions. However, I can’t see anyway of viewing a list of my ‘New Topic’ posts. The only option is to see a list of my activity, which returns multiple posts on the same original topic … I have 100’s of topics created so this is not useful.

Bubble, can you add this?

Yes, yes you have created hundreds of topics. In fact, I’ll bet you have created more topics than just about anyone in the history of the forum… congratulations!

Go to your summary view and click either one of these links…

Or when you are viewing all activity, click the topics menu item…

Have fun looking through all of your topics! :slight_smile:


I am the Topic king :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you, this makes my searching much easier!

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