[SOLVED] Forever top bar loading on making a phone call


is there any way to avoid the top blu (Bubble) bar from appearing and loading forever once the user tries to execute a phone call?

Please share a screenshot from mobile to better understand

Happen the same also with the “mailto:” function, actually the problem is the action “open an external website”

I am not sure about this, but MAYBE it’s because you try to open an external URL that will NEVER open?
Instead try to just put an html tag on that button with the link like


Again, not sure, but it’s worth a try right?

Thank you!

Solved like this:

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I was just about to show you another way.

So create a button, this input is disabled. Then put an HTML tag over it and use:

Call 1-408-555-5555

It didn’t prompt for allow call in the first tries, so probably it blocked it after a few, IDK.

But this works also.
Seems like I always find a way, but it the most difficult way to do it LOL.

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