[Solved] Forwarding a subdomain from Squarespace

Hey everyone,

I have a domain (company.solar) that I purchased using Squarespace, and is hosted there. I like having that landing page for my company, but I am also building an app with Bubble. I would like to host the app on app.company.solar, and my landing page on www.company.solar. Is this possible? Using different subdomains to forward to different pages?

I’ve already gone into the ‘Custom DNS Records’ and pointed an A record at app, using the IP address Bubble gave, but it redirects me to my original homepage.

I’ve found advice for non-Squarespace hosted websites, but am looking for Squarespace specific advice as that is where my website is hosted.

I’m not an expert at subdomains/domains etc, so any help is appreciated!

Edit: I’ve also emailed Squarespace support and will update here with any response.

I solved it. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/215744668-Pointing-a-Squarespace-Domain#toc-point-a-squarespace-subdomain

The problem was that I had my primary domain as company.solar. Changing it to www.company.solar allowed it to recognize the app.company.solar link.

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