[Solved] - Help required with buttons data saved to database

Hi all,

I have a case here , there is a page for user like below. Where user need to select fitness level ,
Current and Goal

I have a data type fitness level.
current and goal are two fields.
Dairyjournal _ B
When user clicks any of the three buttons in current fitness , value level should be saved to current field.
When user clicks any of the three buttons in goal fitness level, value should be saved to goal field.


There are loads of complex ways to do it but I would put a workflow behind your first button to set the field value on click.

I’d set up conditional formatting so that if it was equal to the matching value it shone in a different colour,

Then copy the button with workflows and paste it with workflows, adjust the values in the workflows and conditions.

You can use states and hidden fields and all sorts of things but simple will help you maintain it.

Thanks Richard ,
I have 1 clarification , The fitness level texts in those buttons are not static, they are dynamic and the buttons displayed are in RG.
Those are two different RG.

Ok that is even easier then as you only need one workflow to set field to current cell’s value!