SOLVED: Help with calculating dates

Hi everyone,

I need some help figuring out how to calculate a date based on criteria the user inputs. I’m building a material tracking app that tells users what date they need to order a material based on the required due date and lead time.

Example app:

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish: Order By Date = "Due Date - “Lead Time Weeks”.

When creating a new Material, what is the correct input for calculating the Order By Date? I keep getting errors. I tried creating another field called Lead Time Days which multiplies the Lead Time Weeks by 7 (giving me the number of days), then subtracting it from from the Due Date but I also get an error.

How would I calculate this? Thanks!

You could try order date = due date +(days): - lead time (expressed in days then)
Actually you need to add a negative number…

Thanks for looking at his and providing a solution! I see where I was going wrong. I hadn’t tried making the number negative first. Works great!

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