SOLVED: Help with Using CarQuery API and API Connector

I’m trying to use CarQuery’s API using the API Connector

When I manually create a query based on their URL (see below), I get data I’d expect to see.

I thought I was setting up the API connector correctly (see below). Here’s the GET call:[make]&year=[year]&model=[model]&full_results=0

But when I go and initialize the call, I get a bubble message saying the call is JSON/XML but the call is returning text. From reading CarQuery’s material, I thought their API was returning JSON data type.

CarQuery also mentions $.getJSON and shows a code snippet (see CarQuery url at top). But I don’t know if I need to do something with it in bubble in order to use their API?

Anyone have a thought on how to get the CarQuery API working with API Connector?

You will need to remove ?callback=? so rather than say,

you would call,

then add a header with the key Content-Type & the value application/jsonp

that should sort it out.


Thanks Jarrad - that fixed it! Much appreciated.

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