(Solved) How to add links to the sidebarmenu?


I am trying to find out how to add links to the sidebarmenu. I have these items in the option but how do I make it clickable? Especially the log out button would be a great feature.

Many thanks in advance folks.


Once you click that, type in the menu option on the popup that comes up.


I had tried that before and it just gave me standard options. My side option open up like the pic below. I was looking to make those option clickable. On " A slide menu’s option is clicked" only shows me standard options.

You have to type in the option into the popup that comes up, or it won’t work. You have to have a separate workflow for each option.

I assume you are trying to change pages or hide/show a group right? You should be able to just run a workflow as normal to accomplish that.

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Yes, exactly as above.

Here is a logout.

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Awesome folks, it works. many thanks.

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Thanks! A great help

Anyone know how to do this if you have some dynamic data in the option. For example:

Your messages (do a search for messages:count)

I can’t seem to enter that in as it only lets you do one thing in the workflow. I can get rid of the dynamic bit but it seems like a shame.

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