[SOLVED] How to allow search of users by typing incomplete name/username

Hi guys,

I am allowing users to search for other users in the website.

Here, they can type name or username in order to get the list:


I have used the input to search the name/username.

The results get shown in the repeating group below.

Now, the search results show only when I have typed complete name or complete username.

example if the username is Xyz, the search results won’t show in repeating group till I type ‘xyz’. If I type ‘xy’ it won’t show anything.

Does anyone know how do I allow even if it types ‘xy’?

I tried using the search box, but it doesn’t allow merged searches. I have used merged search in the repeating group for name and username both.

If anyone knows how to apply merged search in search box element, I think it can work out too.

Hey @harshala

You need to use the search & autocomplete plugin. Watch this video to learn how to do it

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This is great! Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome :wink:

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