SOLVED - How to create a 1 second "vibration" for an Icon?

I can see you can easely activate a “rotation” animation for an icon…

In order to “call atention visualy” on an icon :

  • Is there any way one can make it “vibrate” for 1 second, than quiet for 3/4 seconds…
    then start over again ?
    The vibration mode is visual only and would not involve any real vibrations on a device…

Something similar to this link, although it only needs to move from right to left - no tilt necessary.

Thanks for any tips !

You can run an action to animate the object in a variety of different ways, including vibrating it. Here’s where to find those options:

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Thanks sridharan for pointing the feature - still discovering my Bubble
working great.
Will figure out later how it can run repeatedly but thats a good start with this !

To vibrate it again, you could add an action to the original workflow to “schedule a custom action” for a few seconds later. And, then set that particular custom action to animate the icon.

Ok, havent tested the Schedule features yet…

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