[Solved] How to fix New user sees another user dashboard

Hello @romanmg, @emmanuel & @NigelG,

Sorry for the tags, need help with current user accounts are having access to another user dashboard.

How do I keep the user’s dashboard separate, were when someone sign-up there dashboard is empty?

Hope this make sense and you guys can assist…


The user dashboard should be referencing “Current User.” That way, the only data that would fill out the dashboard is coming from the currently logged in user, not anybody else. How do you currently have it set up?


This is my dashboard group

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No conditions are set for this. I was assuming that if I used “Current User” at log in level that that user will be the only one seeing their content.

Are all the fields and such inside the group using, “Parent’s Group User” as the source of the info?

Their all set to current user…should I change all sources to Parent Group?

Hmm, no that should work. Can you share a link to your editor so folks can poke around and see how you’ve set it up?

This is the dashboard

So what part is showing the wrong information?

The post and trending section are show…I would like when a new user to create account all of these fields should be empty unless they follow that user.

The section on top left for user photo, name, etc shows the current user info so that section is fine.

Without a link to the editor, it’s going to be pretty hard to diagnose. I guess I would check what the data source is for the repeating group, and maybe set it to not show anything if the current user doesn’t have any Trending Audios.

How do I send a link to the editor?

Go to Settings > General and change Application Rights to “Anyone can View”

Then, copy the URL from your browser and paste it here (or send me a private message). That should do the trick.

ok thanks

Did it work?

Yep! Looking now

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Ok, here’s the issue with the Posts section. The Post section needs to reference the Current User somehow. In this screenshot, you can see that there is no reference to Current User:

When you say Do a Search for Posts, you’re receiving ALL posts that have ever received a Like. You’ll want to add a Constraint that says something about Posts User = Current User or something similar.

Great ok let me try…appreciate man!

If you’re saving the additional data in the User db, you can view per user as andrew said, if you are using data in other db, you can :filter by creator and each user will see their data and things.

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Filter actually solved the problem…Thanks so much!