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SOLVED: How to make API call for each Type1 column against every Type2 column

NOTE: After thinking about this I found a much more efficient way to make the API call that would reduce it from 45,000 calls to at most 600 (most likely 200) with current test data. Please disregard this post but the solution is in the comments for how the initial challenge can be achieved.

I have two different tables (types) Venue and Artist. I want to make an API call for each Artist against every Venue.

As an example, let’s say my Artist type has 4 artists and my Venue type has 5 venues, I would like to make an API call passing the Artist Name (artist type) and Venue Source ID (venue type)

I tried doing this using a Schedule API Workflow and an iteration (image below) but I don’t believe it was doing it as I expected in the image above, although it is hard to tell because I can’t see the exact API call being made (is it possible to see the exact API call made from a workflow in the logs?!)

I also realize the number of API calls for this can be exponentially large I have about ~300 artists and ~150 venues of test data right now and if my math is right that would be 45,000 API calls just with test data.

Another thought I had was to create a new table that is similar to the Google sheet image above and iterate off that table but I am unsure how to get my existing artist IDs and venue IDs in there in a format that would be each artist to every venue.

Any help, ideas, or alternate solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps I need to make a venue_iteration and artist_iteration and then iterate through venue until count of venue = amount of things in venue and then reset venue and iterate artist plus one

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