[SOLVED] How to make image overlay visible until X hours has passed after creation date

Hey everyone.
I’ve been trying to add a ‘‘NEW’’ overlay on an image and keep that overlay visible until X amount of time have passed from the initial creation date of that asset.

Any idea how to set that up in the conditional?
Appreciated the help on this.

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Set the overlay as not visible on page load.
Create a condition where create_date + X < current_date and set the element visible for this condition

Thank you, appreciated, that worked.
Here is the conditional setup.

Just a not… the text will disappear when the time + has passed AND the page has been refreshed, just writing that down for anyone looking how this works.

Also disable the button until that time. Users should be able to tab through your page lol.

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Hey troy, Which button should I disable? let me know.

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