[SOLVED] How to make multiline input editable?

My users can create an invoice which has a space to input notes relevant to that invoice. However, I want to also allow them to save a template note which can be edited when creating an invoice.

The invoice Datatype has a field called “Notes” and the User’s company Datatype has a “invoiceNotes” field.

The invoice’s multiline placeholder shows the User’s Company’s invoiceNotes and the initial content is the invoice’s Notes.

The issue I am having is that when the user creates a new invoice, they do successfully see their template but if they click in the multiline input, the whole message get’s wiped. How can I show a template and let the user edit it in the multiline input?

Hi there, @darren.james7518… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to accomplish what you described by removing the expression in the Placeholder field and adding a condition to the element that says when Parent group's Invoice's Notes is empty, set the Initial content to Current User's Company's invoiceNotes. Want to give that a shot and see if it produces the desired result?

Hope this helps.



@mikeloc I had your answer bookmarked, got massively sidetracked with a separate custom state issue which is still ongoing! Just tried your solution and it worked a charm. Thank you so much :blush:

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