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[Solved] How to view Bubble apps as multiple different users from the same computer?

I often want to view our admin panel while also creating test accounts that show what a non-admin user would see on their computer. However, the site seems to use cookies to track me so I can’t be two different people just by opening a 2nd tab. Would also be nice to be 3 or 4 different users so I can test social features and see how they impact multiple people at once. Would make testing, debugging, etc. a whole lot easier.

What are some simple / easy solutions for managing this? Best practices and tips appreciated. Thanks.

The Chrome incognito mode is very handy for this.


Thanks. Will try that.

Do you know whether I can use different tabs in chrome incognito to act as different users? Any particular gotchas to be aware of?

I don’t think so.

Perhaps multiple browsers might help?

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I use this one, one in Chrome, other in Chrome Incógnito and a third one in Firefox

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Great insights. Thanks for sharing.

This might not apply specifically to your use case, but I’ll throw this in here anyway…

Most useful for pages that are type user like profile or account settings: Have a dropdown or auto-complete somewhere on the page that changes the user. This is only on the page for testing. So you could set the source of the page to dropdown/autocomplete’s value and change users on the fly. Great for testing different user data and permissions based on the user selected (admin vs non-admin).

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@romanmg that’s what I sometimes do

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