[Solved] I’m having some rather annoying issues right now

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem… basically, I have been working on an app, had it all running and set up, changed something along the lines which then broke it, so I’ve reverted to the version that was working and it’s still the same broken app, no matter what date or time I revert to.

I really don’t fancy starting this all again as it took me lots of late nights to get this far, rather annoyed by this. Any suggestions anyone?

*Note that the live version is correct, it’s the development version that’s broke so if I now publish it the whole thing goes kaput, I need to try and get my delevpoment version back to being the same as the live one, but it’s not playing nicely.



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So I just had a thought and I deleted all of my database entries (not that I should of had to mind you) and then added them all in again… and it’s working, not quite sure what went on there but it’s fixed.



It sounds like you had an old database model and a new database model that were not quite in sync.

Consequently, your app wasn’t rendering things correctly. So, when you re-added the data, it conformed to the new model.

Though more of a description of what’s breaking would help pinpoint the issue. Before relying on reversion, I recommend 1) reaching “debugger zero”, and 2) using the inspect element on preview mode as much as possible.

I keep having the same problem but its intermittent problem. I can’t figure out why it does that too.

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