[Solved] I need help trying to show current users username on page

I tried creating a new field “username” but nothing happened, I am 2 weeks into having a bubble account I’ve watched videos and done tutorials as well

Hi Brooklyn,

Can you share a screenshot of the setup you have used to show the username ? this would be useful to help

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for signing up it has username input value just wondering why or if there isn’t an option to show current users username value in a text

To show the username of the current user you could do this in a text element by replacing the text with Insert Dynamic Data that says “Current user’s Username”.

the following setup in a text element should do the trick


Great minds think alike. :wink:

I did that in the past and it came up as red

idk if this helps

Try backspacing to get rid of they gray “Click” text in front of the expression.

you have created a field ‘username’ (and the type of this field is user)

You should be able to use the standard field ‘name’ instead. And plug you input element on it.

If you want to create your own ‘username’ field, its type should be text in the data tab.

when a user is signing up and inserts a username value is that not connecting there account with there username? And creating a username anyway? Do I need to change anything with my signup process?, just don’t understand why username value doesn’t come up as an option with the dynamic data.

I think the problem is that you created a field called “username” that’s of type user… You need to change that to a Text field and then on signup set the field.

I might of made a mistake because it isn’t showing on the the page should it look like this?

Initial content of ‘input Username’ should be empty (you don’t know beforehand the username of new user).

in the sign up button, there should be a workflow defined. This workflow should sign the new user up. and the username can be stored as an additional field in the sign up function.

Then once the user is signed up and its username is saved, your can display the username in a text element using a synamic link like ‘users’s username’value’

why isn’t initial content of email empty then? I don’t know the current users email but the initial content of email is input emails value, it said that in the video if I’m not mistaken thank you for the help this is my workflow for the button sign up I’m still not seeing the username on the page

The text that appear in the input is the ‘Place holder’. It would be a good idea to have something like ‘Enter your username…’ as a placeholder.

The workflow seems ok but I believe you can remove the ‘log the user in step’. From what I recall the sign up also signs in.

Then you may want to display the username in the ‘input Username element’ but this is not necessarily the most elegant. Typically, once a user has signed up, a website would hide the sign up elements or load another page and display a text element with the users’s username.

An easier way to achieve that is to use the standard sign up pop up that will hide automatically.

am I maybe suppose to send data to a page maybe that’s why the username isn’t popping up nothing at all is working but thank you for the help.

What does the issue checker say? It usually tells you exactly what the problem is. If you click it and look through them, you’ll probably figure it out.

the issues were just the hidden text I didn’t connect to new icons after I switched the icons