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[SOLVED] (I think) Is this possible?

Hi all,

I am trying to implement a workflow where I can find a text (from a list of texts) stored in a user data field (via a dynamic dropdown), and then replace with a text that I input into an input box. This is for database admin and cleanliness purposes.

I have the dropdown which lists all of the possible current options, and a repeating group to display the users who’s data field contains the option I select from the dropdown. I also have an input box where I can input the text I wish to replace it with.

However, now I’m stuck. I wondered whether find and replace would work, but i can’t figure that out.

Is anyone able to tell me if this is possible, and if so, how I might go about it?

Thanks in advance.


I was being a bit dumb I think. All I have done is set up a workflow to make changes to the current cell’s user to remove the dropdown’s value and add the input’s value.

Haven’t tested, but will do soon.