[SOLVED] Input Adress / Content form Adress problem


Ive been having troubble with my app and now found where it goes wrong, can anyone help with this?

This is what Im trying to do:


(I want the text to display the adress)

When I create a new bubble.is account and create a new app it works (it takes about a second then the text loads the adress)


But this doesent work when a copy the exact same function into my original page:

My bubble app cant read an input form where the content is set as adress? Why just on my app?

Please help! Anyone have input on this?

@henrikcoach it may be that when you copy and paste that the text reference is pointed to the other search box. Can you double check to see that the Input is referencing the search bar you pasted? (Easy enough to give it a new name instead of "Input Type address here’s value).

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Hey! Thanks for helping out!

It will still dont work even if I check so teh referencing is to the right search box (same if I use a normal input field aswell).

The problem comes when I change to adress at Content format in the input field (or geographic in a search box).

The same set up will work fine on another newly created website on bubble but not on my website (not even in safe mode). Makes me thing that it might be some setting for my website that makes it unable to use adress as content??

Do you have any privacy settings enabled?

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If you’d like, feel free to send a link to your editor in a PM and I’d be happy to take a look.

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Hey Dan! That would be great, how do I send the link?

Thanks! Looks like this in the privecy settings, is there any more place with more settings?

You can either add me as a collaborator (provided you are on a professional plan or higher) or to temporarily change the settings of your app to “Everyone can edit” (Settings Tab > General Tab > Application Rights). Then you can past the URL of your editor in a message to me.

Super I send it over!

Solved! Thanks @dan1 for pointing me in the right direction!

The problem started to occur when I added Google Map Key. The solution was to go to Google API’s and activate Geocoding API.

Thanks for help guys!

Happy to help, @henrikcoach.

For those who run into the issue in the future, typically this happens when you move from Bubble’s Google Maps API keys to your own Google Maps API keys in the Settings panel (Bubble nudges you to do this when you upgrade to a paid plan).

When you set up your Google Maps API keys, it’s a good idea to enable all of the APIs (Google Maps is made up of many different functions. So, just enabling one may not give you everything you need for your app.

The tutorial video below goes through the process of setting things up correctly.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 115+ tutorials on Bubble and coaching)


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