[SOLVED] Is it possible to change format of number/integer once condition is met?

Hi guys,

I’ve been skimming the forum trying to find out whether it’s possible to change the format of an integer/number pulled from my database once a condition is met. For example, I want to format and display “10000” as “10k” however when below “10000”, it displays as normal (i.e. “9999” and not “9.9k). This is so that the text does not get cut off when records exceeding 4 digits (10000 counts) are displayed correctly

Is this possible?

Hey @jamesbond,

Have a look at this post:

Thank you @mebeingken, will give this a try.

What on earth are you talking about :rofl:

Hello James !

I’m very interested about the Time Slot apps that you achieved with Air date Picker ! I wanted to contact you but i didn’t find how.

Is it possible to share your Editor link for this app ?

Sorry about my english, i’m french :slight_smile: