[SOLVED] Is paid account interfering with pluggin Demo?


I read this message while trying to “test” online a plugin :slight_smile:
[Datatable demo plugin](Demo: https://redubleplugins.bubbleapps.io/datatables )

finaly, I can NOT “play with the Demo” since this msg gets on top of it, than it closes - another mesage shows :"This is a free plugin…blabla…cant even read it…close msg again than it sends me back to my editorś page…et Volla… :smile:

Question : since I m using a paid account (without BBL banner -I guess - ) is this what is interfering with the Plugin’s play test ?
Can BBL Team do something about it so that we can test those plugins ?

Hello, our demo page is not on paid plan, that’s why has a banner. It doesn’t matter if you have a paid plan or not.

I believe that message which seems bug is caused by your dark-theme because that’s not how a real banner looks.

Can you try again with the dark-theme disabled?
What browser are you using?

This is how looks on a browser:


Mama ! you were right, its caused by the Dark theme,
You have all infos here :slight_smile:Dark theme on Fire Fox Quantum 61.0.1

tks, I ll test it better now
Hope its not causing a security breach !

If you would know of a non-conflicting Dark Theme manager for FF and BBL , I would be open to test it next…

Hi Yusaney,

Thats how it displays with the DKT deactivated…

I can only read content lines when I select each line with the mouse (coz of the Reverse bkgrd for phrase selected, so I know there is some content here…)

Is FF also part of the non showing (white txt on white bkgrd ) content lines…or do I also have to remove completely the DKT extention ?

mmm…awkward !
I’ve just restarded FF in Safe mode - all modules deactivated - and still cant read anything on the demo page = W/White.
filled a Bug repport to Bugzilla.

Switched to another Browser since - only FF seems to have that bug.

I recommend you Chrome.


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