SOLVED: Is this possible? "When (Repeating Group) Current Cell's Category is in Current User's List of Categories"

I have a data type called Category with 8 records.

I have a repeating group displaying the Name field from these 8 Category records.

My user data type has a field List of Categories that will contain some of those Categories.

My question is: how do I run a conditional on the Name in that repeating group that gets triggered only when the Category is in the user’s List of Categories?

I would have thought something like “When Current Cell’s Category is in Current User’s List of Categories”, but I’m not seeing that:

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Hi! Yes, is possible, just change the order of the sentence in the conditional starting with the current user:
“when Current user List of Category contains current cell’s Category…” I will attach a picture if that helps as well.

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Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Rodrigo from BluFlame Labs

Well, hot damn - that was it! Thank you!!

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