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SOLVED! Issue When Trying To Add As A Plugin

I have an Dongle for my car and I’m trying to create a plugin that will allow users to authenticate with

The problem is: I can’t get Bubble to show me the success message after I ran it in run mode.

Thank you!


  1. In the API connector clicking the big “Authenticate” button.

  2. Running your app with Debug mode enabled. Should have something like this at the end of the URL:


I don’t have the big “Authenticate” button. Could you please share a screenshot?

With debugger on, it will let me authenticate and then redirect me back to login, however the issue is, it’s not telling me no success; thus kept saying “you haven’t run this API in run mode” (just like in the picture). I’m not sure if it’s a bug or I am missing a step.

It was a bug, but after transferred everything to the special section where you can create plugin, I was able to bypass the bug.

If you guys interested in using the plugin, please let me know. I will publish it once I verify that all functions are working.

Nice work! I have run into problems with oAuth 2.0 before as it can be kind of finicky. Nice work figuring it out!

Thank you! It’s my very first plugin. Wanted to go to bed last night, but couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about it.