[SOLVED] Limit clicks from visitors (eg voting system)

Hi @muoch10 and thanks for the answer! Problem solved :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: (take this upvote)

I don’t need users to be able to change their votes.
Also, although I might add accounts in the future, the voting system needs to remain publicly alterable. However I agree on the disadvantages of both cookie and IP filtering. But my system doesn’t require to be bullet-proof.

Thanks for the article, too. I actually implemented the given solution, which is what I meant earlier by “using the database” (ie adding entries to track users’ votes).
For those interested, what you need in addition to your voting system (see workflow above) is:

  1. Add a “User” field to your Data Type (here “Items”). Make it multiple entries! (“This field is a list”)
  2. Add the tracking of the users to your workflow.

    Do this for both workflows (upvote and downvote).
  3. Add a condition to the trigger of your workflows:

What bothers me with this solution is that in the database, an item might have thousands (ok, maybe dozens) of users. That could mean a lot of data for one cell. I was hoping for something “simpler” but hey, I believe you need to track who voted a way or another.
Strangely enough, though, the given field remains empty after a few tests:

Note that the voting limitation is functionning, but it doesn’t display users (and so you can’t modify this to give another shot to vote to someone, if you wanted to).
Also, note that I allowed 1 vote per user (either up or down). If you wish both, you need to track up :point_up_2: and down :point_down: votes in 2 separate fields, and “user voted up” / “user voted down” :wink: